status: completed in 2013
location: Changsha, Hunan, China
surface: 3000sqm
client: Changsha Vanke China
photography: Masao Nishikawa
award: A&D trophy 2014 "Best of retail"

Changsha Vanke Club is a showroom situated next to a 300 years old Camphor wood at the edge of XiangJiang district, and faces the local tributary of the Yangtze river. The hilly site provides a panoramic view of the river; therefore, the design concept was to ideally situate the showroom in order to preserve the hill’s topography, and avoiding alteration to the view. The strategy is a clean box structure looming on top of the green hill and strikingly placing half of the box inside the hill. The solution was far beyond dramatic, creating a very visible feature of this project, attracted a lot of attentions, and gleamed at night to guide the passer-by.
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Entering the club is a very memorable moment, visitors are greeted with an unobstructed view of river and the XiangJiang skyline. Because half of the floor is sunken, people descending to the basement level through an 11m-high atrium space. They are greeted with natural light that is flooding through the glass curtain wall. This experience is achieved through the design of the sunken garden, that allows natural lights to basement. Visitors experience their second moment of surprise in their observation that all the dwelling units are located around this sunken garden. For the visitors considering to purchase the units, this design helps them to see the units on B1 level in daylights. This design realized Vanke’s policy “showing the real product to the clients” in a showroom.