status: in progress
location: Tianjin China
surface: 3000sqm
client: Tianjin Vanke china

Tianjin VANKE V-city is to convert an abandoned hotel into a life style housing complex. This project consists of brand experience gallery, showroom, apartment, and functional landscape. Within a very limited site area of only 1000m2 with a very irregular shape, accommodating such many programs is very challenging.

The integration of architecture, interior, and landscape is the main design strategy, in order to utilize the best of this existing development. Considering the requirements of an independent managing body for operational management, the site is defined into two blocks based upon the two main functions -- the marketing center and the apartment. The blocks are separated by circulation but still linked with each other, in order to meet the needs of convenient and flexible use, and more importantly is to prepare for the future development and renovation.
The marketing center which is made up with a transparent glass box will perform as the major indoor exhibition space. People come across the water feature garden, stone steps leading by the canopy , before meeting the entrance. The movement of steps and shift of scenes brings a spatial experience with continuity and full of rhythm. Inside the gallery, the transparent curtain wall eliminates the boundary between indoor and outdoor space, which makes the landscape become a crucial background for exhibition space.
天津 VANKE V-City 是一个由废弃的酒店改建而来的生活型综合体,其中包括了展 示中心,生活体验馆,青年公寓以及与各空间呼应的功能性景观。在不足一千平方 米且不规则的场地内,用地的局促、功能的复杂、目标群体的多样为设计提出了更 多的挑战。
为了在尊重及充分利用场地现状的基础上创造新的价值, 建筑、室内和景观的整 合与紧密联系显得尤为关键。考虑到独立管理者对运营管理的要求,场地根据主要 功能界定为展示区及青年公寓两部分。两者之间既有单独的人行及车行流线, 也 有相互渗透的空间联系,以满足方便灵活的使用需求,更为未来功能的变化发展提 供了可能性。
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Based on the increasing demand of well-equipment rental space for young people, we are trying to build an apartment that meets the require of both private living space and community social space in the same time. While we make efficient use of private unit space, the terrace, courtyard and roof garden, lead people from indoor to outdoor community space. The combination of different community spaces with variety of scales, creates more attractive experiences inside of this project, we are designing to make people feel “Small but Rich”. Searching for a way to enrich people’s experiences in urban area, our challenges continue to make our design more tangible.
基于当今青年人对高品质租住空间的需求量的不断增加, 我们试图创造一座同时 满足私密的居住需求与公共的社交需求的住宅建筑。在高效利用建筑居住单元的同 时,从室内延伸而来的平台,中庭,屋顶花园将人们的活动从室内引导到室外的社 区活动空间。不同尺度的活动空间有机、丰富地组合,增加有趣有吸引力的体验, 让人们在场地内穿梭时感觉“小而丰富”。寻找一种在城市环境里能够丰富人们体验 的方式,这样的挑战让我们的设计更加切实。