status: in progress
location: Guangzhou, China
surface: 40.000sqm
client: Guangzhou Vanke China

The site is located in the industrial area of Guangzhou. This area along the river, however, has been underdeveloped because of many heavy industries and warehouses. For the last ten years, the city of Guangzhou has been promoting to transform the waterfront into a more commercial and residential area. For that purpose, canal systems and pedestrian networks were installed in advance by the government. This time, the site along the river will be going through a large transformation.
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The GUANGZHOU RIVERFRONT project is the first iconic project in this area. The importance of this project is to forecast and project the future of this area. Thus, the GUANGZHOU RIVERFRONT project is designed with the City of Guangzhou’s alliance, to be able to showcase more sustainable and green architecture in this area. Moreover, the historical city of Guangzhou emerged with international sea commerce, therefore development will need to characterize both the future of GUANGZHOU RIVERFRONT and the international standard of sustainable development, which achieves physical, social and economical sustainability.