status: completed in 2013
location: Zhangjiagang, China
surface: 5500sqm
client: Newton International Kindergarten China
photography: Masao Nishikawa

NEWTON ZHANGJIAGANG was a renovation project of an existing building in Zhangjiagang city. The project requirements break this renovation from a simple one; with requirements of changing the structure, exterior, and interior spaces.
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Unlike the typical Chinese kindergarten, NEWTON ZHANGJIAGANG seeks for a more open and homey atmosphere. With this vision, we decided to create a central atrium space which functions as an internal playground as well as a living space for children. Surrounding this large atrium space, all the class rooms were laid out and are visually connected. A circulation corridor was provided for children in order to see and to be seen by each other. This interconnected atrium is the main characteristic of NEWTON ZHANGJIAGANG, which brings a lot of memorable scenes for the children. The atrium space also functions as public zone for various events and ceremonies, creating more memories for both parents and children. NEWTON ZHANGJIAGANG is the very first kindergarten in Suzhou area, which seeks for a unique space for its own educational purpose.
与中国传统幼儿园不一样,张家港新纽顿幼儿园所追求的是更加开放与亲切的和谐环境。将原来中间部分没有用途的露天空地 改建成有盖顶的室内中庭,成为小孩子的室内活动场所和大厅。所有教室都环绕着中庭分布,小孩子在两旁走道走动进入教室 的时候,都可以看见和被看见,视觉上是完全贯通跟开放的。这个大中庭成为孩子在NEWTON幼儿园拥有许多记忆的场所,也 是举办不同活动与典礼,让家长与孩子们共同参予的大礼堂。张家港新纽顿幼儿园是第一家采用如此独特的空间作教育用途的 幼儿园。