NEWTON SUZHOU苏州新纽顿会心街国际幼儿园


status: completed in 2014
location: Suzhou, China
surface: 5000sqm
client: Newton international kindergarten China
photography: Masao Nishikawa

NEWTON SUZHOU is an international kindergarten serving both the international and local community. With a unique and creative education program, NEWTON SUZHOU has chosen a site along a river for their new home. The beautiful site is full of nature; therefore, our challenges began how to preserve and develop this nature.
Newton home is designed as an aggregation of 3 to 4 stories high house looking buildings, connected to each other organically creating more space variations. The design was selected for not altering the beautiful site and preserving the nature by means of organic forms.
苏州新纽顿会心街国际幼儿园是苏州地区最具国际特色的民办幼儿园,探索,学习,游戏,成长是幼儿园的教学理念。会心街幼儿园的 选址于金鸡湖支流畔,风景自然优美。采用怎样的规划方可确保大自然保留和融入成为项目最大的挑战。 用地是沿河的不规则地块,最终方案敲定沿着用地布置几个三到四层的体块,自然的互相连接。
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The central space created by Newton home is considered as an extension of interior rooms. This central space is characterized by its playground fully equipped with creative tools and landscapes. As the children experience this new outside space, they are encouraged to invent their own play to nourish their own creativities. We hope that such creative play help children to build their own creativities, learn how to think and grow, and to be able to invent things on their own.
由此能创造出不同的空间变化,给孩子 们营造更多的探索空间。这样的有机排列方式也是为了保留和避免破坏大自然。 幼儿园的中庭部分被视为室内空间的延伸,是拥有各种创意设施与大花园的游乐场所。孩子们愿意走出室外去感受及创造自己的游戏。 游戏创作的本身就可以培养孩子们的创造力。设计上希望通过建筑空间能鼓励孩子们建立自己的想象力,学会思考与发现新事物。