status: completed in 2013
location: Tokyo, Japan
surface: 500sqm
client: Coby & Associates Inc. Tokyo
landscape: PLATdesign
photography: Masao Nishikawa
award: Japan Minister of Education, Kids design award 2013

COBY KODAIRA was designed to be a child-care house for children where they spend almost a full day in the facility. A nursery service for 1-3 years old children is also provided. COBY KODAIRA needed to be seen and recognized as a house for children and for their parents, too.
Traditionally, house wife looks after the children and if not, grand parents can take the role. However, the family structure has changed, where family tends to be smaller and more separated. Under such circumstances, the demand for childcare has been rapidly increasing in Tokyo.
在东京小平市的Coby保育园是专门为小孩子设计的家。Coby东京的一家高端保育园,为一到三岁提供托管 服务,照顾小朋友一天起居。Coby希望成为是小朋友和家长的家。 传统上,妻子负责照顾孩子,而日本祖父母却很少参与其中。但随着家庭结构变化,女性也需要出去工作 后,对幼儿托管的服务需求日益增加。
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COBY KODAIRA is challenged to bring the childcare facility into a residential zone, seeking for more proximity to the residence, without the scale being residential. Accommodating about 150 children, this project aims at delivering more resemblances to their homes in ways of appearance and atmosphere.
Coby把幼儿托管服务带到住宅区,但规模却不同于住宅,能够容纳 150个孩子,希望带给孩子们大家庭的温暖。