status: in progress
location: Jinan, China
surface: 100.000sqm
client: Jinan Vanke China

The site was divided into two zonings, with an office and commercial area in the front and pure residential in the back. The clear separation is generated by local regulations, but our task was to connect two areas as one and develop it as one coherent entity.

JINAN HILLS is a gate project, which acts as a buffer towards the residential area, serving both the residential as well as the public domain. Series of spatial networks were designed through site topographic level changes. The site gradually slopes up towards the hill. This hill stood behind our site, also functions as a public park for this area. JINAN HILLS is intended to be a gate way up to this public hill, and was designed to draw more business activities in this area. JINAN HILLS consists of the combination of two symbolic office towers and public space, and will provide room for more than 10,000 workers and will activate this newly developing area.
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