status: completed in 2015
location: Japan
surface: 340sqm
photography: Masao Nishikawa

The site is located on the top of the hill over a large lake. The view from the site is very panoramic and dramatic. So, the design began how to utilize the site in order to frame such a unique and special view from the house. The living space is elevated on the 2nd floor, and a large window provides a non-disturbing view with ample of sunlight. The bedrooms are located on the third. And from the first to the third floor, a cantilevered staircase connects all floors and creates an astonishing experience. On the 2nd floor, a two-floor high void space bridges the 3rd floor bedrooms and living room. This is designed to be a center of this house and space. This symbolic void, of course, is not only in the center where all of the circulations meet, but provides a vertical openness as well as a feeling of one, a feeling of living as one family, which the client mostly intended.
Y-HOUSE坐落在山上,从房子里可眺望到 前方的大湖泊,视野开阔。因此方案从如何 能把美景收进房子里面开始构想。为了能 更好的看美景,客厅被放到二楼,客厅前方 便是大露台,一望无际的景色尽收眼底。充 沛的阳光通过落地玻璃照亮室内。卧室都在 三楼。连接一到三层的,是一条悬臂楼梯, 为这空间带来不小惊喜。在二层,中庭贯通 了二层的客厅与三层的睡房,成为房子的中 心。这中庭不只是房子动线的中心,垂直的 开放空间好像把整个房子都连贯起来,象征 着把家庭凝聚在一起,也是主人的愿望。
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