Forestsee school

Titled as FORESTSEE SCHOOL, in order to signify multiple meanings of this project. It means that Forest is an educational tool, and seeing forest and understanding forest(nature) will enables us to FORESEE our future. In this context, FOREST doesn’t mean a literal forest, it means nature, environment and everything exists with us on our planet. FORESTSEE SCHOOL was planned with such vision and designed to achieve it through space, activities and experiences.

FORESTSEE SCHOOL encompasses a public park. But, this is not a common park, it’s a demonstration of natural eco system. And we designed the park to become a place for learning, experiences and even more acknowledging that we are a part of the eco system on the earth. We planned this park especially for the children, in order to learn, respect, and feel nature as a part of our life.
The purpose of FORESTSEE SCHOOOL is to foresee our future in the act of reconsidering our relationship to our environment.

森林学校(Forestsee School)这一命名,表达了项目的多重含义。这是一所拥有森林(foreset)的学校,森林代表的是环境、自然、地球上的一切。 学校包含一个公共公园。这不仅是一个普通的公园,更是自然生态系统的展示。 自然是教育的媒介,通过自然我们能够预见(foresee)我们的未来。本着这样的愿景,我们将公园设计成孩子们学习、体验、尊重自然的地方。
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