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The site is located on the top of the hill over a large lake. The view from the site is very panoramic and dramatic. So, the design began how to utilize the site in order to frame such a unique and a special view from the house.

The living space is elevated on 2nd floor, and the large window provides a non-disturbing view with full of sun light. The bedrooms are located on the third. And from the first to the third floor, a cantilever stair connects all floors and creates an astonishing experience. On 2nd floor, two-floor void space bridges 3rd floor bedrooms and living room. This is designed to be a center of this house and space. This symbolic void, off course, is not only in the center of all the circulations meet, but provides a vertical openness as well as a feeling of one, a feeling of living as one family, which the client mostly intended.


Received A&D Trophy Awards 2015, Hong Kong

BEIJING 5L OFFICE awarded three times for Architecture, Interior and Landscape design.
A&D Trophy Awards is an architecture, interior and product design award annually hosted in Hong Kong. We have awarded every year since 2013. This is the third time.
This time, Beijing Vanke office project was awarded, which we call ” BEIJING 5L OFFICE”
For this project, we have commissioned architecture, interior and landscape design.
Our mission is to integrate architecture, interior and landscape design as one, as one coherent design in order to realize seamless experience through this project.
We received three A&D Awards for Architecture, interior and Landscape design.

A&D Trophy Awards 2015


Published BEIJING 5L OFFICE concept book

BEIJING 5L OFFICE concept book, “5L OFFICE : search for a new office typology” is published.
Collaboration with Beijing Vanke corporation, the development of BEIJING 5L OFFICE, we spent almost one year for conceptualization and design. From the beginning, the process of design work was well documented, from both design and real estate point of views.
Now, 5L OFFICE is partially completed, in order to demonstrate the concept as real experience. With this book, we can understand how the idea was realized and how design evolved according with the real architecture development. This documentation contains very valuable and educational information regarding conceptualization and design development.