10th Anniversary of MEI LI ZHOU Church

MEI LI ZHOU Church has become one of the most important projects by TDSTUDIO as it has been widely published and recognized by not only Christians, but also the communities, artist and visitors.


On the tenth year of completion of the church, we revisited the place and extensively photographed the features of the architecture.


Through this recalling event, we are assured that by going beyond architecture, the building is not only becoming an architectural matter but also something that inspires people and is deeply rooted in people’s minds.








Junior Architect, Tokyo, Japan

TDSTUDIO is now engaging in a wide variety of (research) projects, mainly in China and Japan, and we are currently looking for talented candidates for to join our team in Tokyo to pursue their career.


Available Position:

  • Junior Architect


Your Profile:

  • Freshly graduated or 1-3 years working experience
  • Independent and highly self-motivated
  • Strong design sense and a good team player
  • Proficient in the use of 2D/3D software
  • Skillful at making physical models
  • Good knowledge of visualization with expertise in the adobe creative suite
  • Possess a master’s or equivalent degree in architecture
  • Fluent in English; Japanese and/or Chinese speaking is an advantage


Interested candidates are invited to visit, fill in the contact form and attach their CV, Portfolio and Application letter in a compressed file smaller than 10MB.

A Skype interview will be held with selected candidates.


Successful applicants will be required to work in Tokyo. The office will arrange a working visa for the suitable candidates after a probation period of 3 months.


Memories of Water

“Memories of Water”, a gallery situated along the coastline of Qingdao, completed in June 2020. Since then, many people visited the architecture and left with favorable impression of their experiences.


The idea of the design is to make a space as simple as possible to provide a space to project our personal memories. To provide such sensible space, the architecture was well constructed to make it minimal yet elegant.


位于青岛海岸线上的“水的记忆”画廊,于2020年6月完工。建成之后,许多人造访参观并带走了美好的体验记忆 。




TDSTUDIO Media Library

Over the past two years, we have been producing short videos for our projects. We decided to take this approach as we want to deliver our design inspiration, messages, emotions, feelings and stories that we embedded in our projects in a more straightforward way. The videos were not used as promotional tools, but rather as a way of communication to reach people’s minds.


The contents in the videos are authentic as we documented and edited to show the events within architecture, and how architecture influences and affects us.

Some of the contents are not available for publishing as they are related to some ongoing projects. Otherwise, we create our original soundtracks for each project, and present the videos and slideshows to everyone.