status: in progress
location: Beijing, China
surface: 25.000sqm
client: Beijing Vanke China

BEIJING GARDEN FOREST is a holistic project, which tries to unify Architectural, Interior and landscape as one, creating seamless and continuing experience. Especially, the landscape is designed to continue the space from the inside. It is intended to carry the interior function to the outside as well, in order to expand the spaciousness.
万科北京隨园是一个整体的项目,试图统一建筑,室内和景观为一体,创造无缝和持续的经验。 特别是,景观被设计为从内部继续空间。 它旨在将内部功能携带到外部,以扩大宽敞空间。
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For this mission in our mind, TDSTUDIO are commissioned Architecture, Interior and Landscape. We are committed to deliver the design integrity and unity, which connect the entire experience as one, one memorable and a rich living experience.
对于这个使命在我们心中,TDSTUDIO委托建筑,室内和景观。 我们致力于提供设计的完整性和团结,将整个体验作为一个,一个难忘的和丰富的生活体验。