status: in progress
location: Beijing, China
surface: 80.000sqm
client: Beijing Vanke China

Situated in east Beijing, City of Tongzhou is a further expansion of Beijing, a capital city of China.
The major characteristic of this project is the site location. The "RIVERSIDE", promises an amazing experience of living on the waterfront, which drew us to design a unique and dramatic experience of living along the river. Now, the METROPOLIS RIVERSIDE stands out with the shimmering glass reflecting the surrounding nature, which makes a conversation with the river and the local people, and signifies an unforgettable impression of the architecture.

With carefully detailed curtain wall, the interior view is worked out with careful study of every height and angle. The panoramic view of the river spreads like an impressive painting at the top of the building. The roof is integrated to the body of architecture, and the vertical mullions falls from the folded roof top to the landscape podium like a waterfall. The METROPOLIS RIVERSIDE significantly animates iconic and sophisticated tower silhouette.
位于北京东南部的通州区,是中国首都北京的副都心。项目的一大特色在于其所在的位置。 "RIVERSIDE" 歌颂在滨河区生活的美妙体验,让我们设计出独特而富有戏剧性的河畔生活体验。 METROPOLIS RIVERSIDE"干净的玻璃幕墙安静地反映着天空、云层、日月光晕的变化,与光影流转的河面、川流不息的人群静默地对话,为这出众的地标性建筑竖立了的令人难忘的印象。

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