status: completed in 2017
location: Beijing, China
surface: 500sqm
client: Beijing Vanke China
photography: Masao Nishikawa

Beijing Showcase is an experimental project not only as a design challenge, but as a real state strategy. The agenda of this project is " how to increase the office density and efficiencies, by making space being more attractive and interactive". The agenda was very contradictory.

Two major inventions were made, in order to resolve such contradictory agenda. However, the results were astonishing and attractive.

One is to design an office, which has no corridor nor circulation space. Eliminating corridor which traditional office always required, enabled us to utilize this space for the actual work space. Consequently, this design solution made the office very organic. Now the organically connected work space enhanced people's interaction, made this office very communicable. The results were very interactive, and spacious office space.

Second is to invent a work station which is more suitable and functional for the computer aided office works. We no longer do actual paper works, but instead we do need more privacy, comfort and flexibilities. Thus TDSTUDIO designed a workstation, whose size is much smaller than traditional ones, but more functional, spacious, and flexible. Now Beijing Showcase exhibits the next generation office renovation strategies.



首先是设计一个没有走廊和流动空间的办公室。消除传统办公室的走廊设定,使我们能有效地重组成一个更实用的工作空间。这一解决方案使办公室设计变得有活力 ,生动地联系了工作空间,增强了人们的互动并有利沟通,从而构成了宽敞和高互动性的办公空间。

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