status: completed in 2015
location: Tianzhu, China
surface: 2130sqm
client: Beijing Vanke China
photography: Masao Nishikawa

“5L” stands for five keywords; Livable, Linked, Liberal, Lively, and Living. It is a new office design concept developed by us, in order to accommodate a new work-style for the 21st century.
“BEIJIN 5L OFFICE” was designed to introduce an emerging office work-style with the necessary space interventions. Now we can work virtually, in a networked space and time. This concept was developed to support such work-style and bring more comfort for us to work “anytime (24hours), anywhere and anyway”. Accordingly, under 5L design concept, this demonstration office has been built by Beijing Vanke Co.
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“BEIJIN 5L OFFICE” is a showcase of a new work-style in the digital era. This represents how the office could be evolved and how design can respond to an emerging new, 21st century, work-style.