status: completed in 2009
location: Tokyo, Japan
surface: 5500sqm
client: Veloqx London
photography: TDStudio

The site is located in Akasaka, a very central part of Tokyo, considered as one of the highest valued office and commercial areas in Tokyo. This project was created through a limited competition. The strategy was selected for its minimalism, but very dramatic building expressions, in spite of tight and restricted building outline and setback regulations.
The folding curtain wall is the main feature of this project, while two sides of the building are covered with aluminum louvers concealing the staircase and various mechanical equipment. Justification of the high land price was necessary, and was found in the proposed floor plan. Because the competition brief asked to achieve maximum efficiency with as much usable office space as possible, while simultaneously asking the most sophisticated and the elegant design solutions.
方案优胜处在于尽管建筑规范中的建筑范围与退线控制相当严格,却仍能创造出简约而充满惊喜的建筑语言。 覆折的玻璃幕墙是这项目的主要特征。建筑物的两旁则用铝格栅遮盖消防楼梯与不美观的设备。平面设计因为高地价的关系而物尽其用,达到办公可用空间的最高效率,同时又能提供高端优雅的方案。
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All the design solutions; a folding curtain wall, side louvers, floor plan layout, sections, and the hidden garage doors were part of the winning factors. Design is not just a mere expression, but it is also about the overall integration. The studio’s design approach was highly valued.
此方案的优胜之处包括不规则覆折玻璃幕墙,也包含两旁的格栅把不美观的设备隐藏,高效率的平面跟剖面, 隐藏的停车场入口闸。优秀的设计不应只是考虑外表,也需要考虑项目的整合性。