status: completed in 2007
location: Shanghai, Changning, China
surface: 150.000sqm
client: Shanghai Vanke China
landscape: Studio on site
collaborators: Kobayashi Maki Design Workshop Inc. (KMDW)
photography: Masao Nishikawa

Located in the heart of Shanghai, SHANGHAI VANKE HEADQUATERS was developed in the Hongqiao area to introduce a more residential scale within the office environment. Vanke is known as a residential developer. Its headquarters aimed to orient the office environment more towards a residential scale, encouraging people to work in a refreshing, inviting, and a natural open living space by offering people more spatial variations in a living environment.
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Unlike other urban office buildings in Shanghai, this project intended to be more human scaled resembling the coziness and comfort of a home. Designing the interaction between public and private, work and rest, small and large, as well as community interactions and the seamless experience from the interior to the exterior is the main theme of Shanghai Vanke Headquarters. This project was TDSTUDIO’s first attempt to design a new office typology, which can accommodate the emerging new work-style in the 21 century. SHANGHAI VANKE HEADQUATERS was completed in 2007, and successfully demonstrated the value of such office type. Since then, SHANGHAI VANKE HEADQUATERS was widely recognized as an example of an emerging office, and its interactive and creative space brought a lot of opportunities for people to get together and formulate future visions and innovative ideas.