status: completed in 2017
location: Guangzhou, China
surface: 60.000sqm
client: Guangzhou Vanke China
photography: Masao Nishikawa

GUANGZHOU CLOUD is an architectural and social experiment of how to provide more affordable and comfortable residences, especially for the young working generations, who has been fast migrating to urban area of China.
Chinese urban population has been growing rapidly, because the economic and the labor concentration within specific the urban areas. Now, the land price has been far beyond the reach for the new generation, there has been large shortages of affordable housings, but ironically the housings are over-supplied in the real estate market in China.
广州万科云城米酷是一个如何提供更多实惠和舒适的住宅社会实验,尤其如何解决在城市里打拼的年轻一代 的居住问题。 随着中国城市人口的迅速增长,经济和生产力集中在特定的城市。现在,土地价格已经远远超出了新一代的 承受能力。刚刚步入社会的年轻一代,如何能有尊严的生活是我们的起点。 如何在高地价下开发能让年轻人承受得起,同时确保舒适生活的户型是最大的挑战。
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GUANGZHOU CLOUD challenges to develop more affordable units while maintaining comfort as well. With Guangzhou Vanke co. our studio developed many variations of small, yet comfortable and affordable unit prototypes. GUANGZHOU CLOUD is the first challenge to apply all those units into a real project. With units ranging from around 18m2 to 25m2, targeting the young generation, 6000 Units are laid out in GUANGZHOU CLOUD project.
和广州万科一起,TDS 探讨了很多面积小,舒适且灵活富于变化的极小住宅原型。米酷是将这些成果真正落地的项目。从13平米至 35平方米,6000户将为怀揣梦想的年轻一代提供属于他们自己的家园。