status: in progress
location: Guangzhou, China
surface: 1000sqm

GUANGZHOU ART HOUSE is an eight stories high private club house, on a 450sqm site, in the old residential district of Guangzhou.
This ART HOUSE is designed for our client, who possesses a tremendous Chinese antique collection, not only to display them, but also to invite his guests to share time together, dining, drinking etc. Since his collection covers from fine art to the real functional furniture, we decided not only to design it as a showcase, but a club house where he and his guests can experience his collections in an actual space. GUANGZHOU ART HOUSE is designed as a club house which has a multitude of functions and experiences.
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Inspired by traditional Chinese spaces, we took an introverted design approach. Series of internal courtyards and vertical voids are interconnected. There are no clear separations of each floor in order to bring a very unique and spatial experience.
On the other hand, the elevation stands out as a monumental sculpture between the surrounding traditional Chinese buildings. The form of Art House is subtle, however the poured concrete facade expresses its massiveness and dignity. In this manner, GUANGZHOU ART HOUSE itself takes a form of art and a modern architecture aesthetic, but it contains a very unique space sequence with traditional art collections.