status: in progress
location: Shanghai, China
surface: 1000sqm
client: Shanghai Vanke China

Built in 1980s, this project was one of the earliest development of the Shanghai central area. Facing to "Shanghai Grand Theatre", adjacent to "Shanghai People's Square", the Shanghai Central Plaza is always remembered among shanghaies.

The challenge of this project is to renovate space to accommodate new work style offices, which require more open, more interactive and more life-style oriented work space. Learns from our inventions from Beijing showcase, we challenged to eliminate circulations from the office space again, in order to make space interconnected. In this case, we also eliminated a half of the elevator hall and converted it into a common space. This was made possible by reorganizing the elevator bank system.
Consequently, this space appealed much to the office workers and the visitors, because it brings a surprising experience when you arrive on this floor. There is a common space built in the elevator hall. This space, we call it "Café", also "lounge", which functions multi-purposely, such as meeting space, presentation table, and an actual café, brought a lot of new feeling of working in a new work style office.



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