status: completed in 2011
location: Kamakura, Japan
surface: 200sqm
contractor: Ito Construction Company
structure: 株式会社KAP/空間工学研究所
photography: Masao Nishikawa

The site faces a large preserved forest. Kamakura city's zoning guarantees no future development in front of the KAMAKURA HOUSE. For this reason, the site already foretold us the design direction.
镰仓别墅是日本知名景观师的家,面朝一 大片森林保护区。根据镰仓的城市规划, 这一块地的周遭将不会容许任何发展,也 因为这样,决定了项目的发展方向。
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The site's atmosphere was very appealing, it felt like a resort, that could house a cottage with a green forest as a view. The site directs us from the beginning how to bless such atmosphere and how the design should respond to those characteristics.
项目 的地点非常引人,就像森林里的小房子, 是一个很好的度假休息地方。从一开始, 美好的地理环境就引导着整个方案的设计 方向如何保育大自然和如何以建筑回应此 地点的特色。