This project is a social experiment which aims to provide more affordable and more comfortable small units in Guangzhou urban area, to help young generations to settle in the cities. Rural to urban migration is still very large in numbers, but the shortage of affordable units are the major concern among the large cities in China.

Now 6,000 units are provided to help young generation to live, work and enjoy in Guangzhou urban area. It is still in construction, but realized that the demand was much larger than we thought. This project draws a lot of interests.


GUANGZHOU ART HOUSE is under construction


GUANGZHOU ART HOUSE is under construction.

just finished powering the concrete.




Site is surrounded with natural lake and nature, the area has been carefully developed as a resort complex with hotel, residential, retails and various sports activities with nature.
The “GUANGZHOU GARDEN RETAIL” is a resort retail complex, which serves for both local residents and visitors. In addition to this Garden Retail, SPA was completed in an adjacent site, and Lake Park connection was established to locate this project as a center of this development. Being able to be accessed from Hotel by a walk, “GUANGZHOU GARDEN RETAIL” was carefully and strategically designed as a center of activities, based on a master development vision. Natural atmosphere is a key word for this project. “GUANGZHOU GARDEN RETAIL” was designed to encourage people to consume time and a day. Apart from a busy Guangzhou city, this is a place where time passes rather slowly and where people can relax your mind and body. “Quiet retail”, that probably doesn’t make any sense to any retailers, but “GUANGZHOU GARDEN RETAIL” was design to create atmosphere where people and nature merges quietly and comfortably.


NEWTON SUZHOU is added on Works


NEWTON SUZHOU is an international kindergarten serving for both international and local communities. With unique and creative education program, Newton Suzhou chose a site along the river for their own new home. This site was beautiful with full of nature. And our challenges began, how to utilize the site and how to preserve this nature. New home was designed as an aggregation of buildings, which are connected by 3~4 stories of house looking small masses. We designed in this way, because this form works well for an organic site layout which allows us to preserve the existing nature. This layout also creates a well protected central space, which supports various children’s activities. The central space surrounded by small buildings, functions as an extension of interior space as well as supports various outside activities. The theme of this space is a creative playground, which is equipped with very creative tools and landscapes. Very successful, now children are inventing their own tools as much as their own playground. We continue to hope that this space helps children to be more creative and educate them to take care of their own natural environment.


Y-HOUSE is added on Works


The site is located on the top of the hill over a large lake. The view from the site is very panoramic and dramatic. So, the design began how to utilize the site in order to frame such a unique and a special view from the house.

The living space is elevated on 2nd floor, and the large window provides a non-disturbing view with full of sun light. The bedrooms are located on the third. And from the first to the third floor, a cantilever stair connects all floors and creates an astonishing experience. On 2nd floor, two-floor void space bridges 3rd floor bedrooms and living room. This is designed to be a center of this house and space. This symbolic void, off course, is not only in the center of all the circulations meet, but provides a vertical openness as well as a feeling of one, a feeling of living as one family, which the client mostly intended.

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